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Full Emissions Removal

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Full Emissions Removal Empty Full Emissions Removal

Post by sherlockhomeboy on Thu Jun 20, 2013 7:14 pm

Hey sports,
So I'm about to install my Weber 32/36 and a Pacesetter header from a Celica on my 79 Corona Wagon. As I began the process I already removed the EGR Pipe, the stock airbox, and the charcoal canister. However I was looking to fully remove all my emissions and was wondering is there anything that I truly need to keep for the vehicle to run. I'm looking at the little box where all the hoses are connected to which has the VTV, ASV, tvsv, CB, tvsv (aap), and the canister. Now can I simply just remove all of that, and just cap/plug off everything? Will it effect anything? Granted I know I won't pass smog but I'm not too worried about that. Also I have been trying to look up where my air pump is located, cause I was planning on removing that as well, and fully removing the power steering as well since right now I just cut the belt due to my power steering exploding. haha  Anyone hav experience with their emissions removal?
Thank you!


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Full Emissions Removal Empty Re: Full Emissions Removal

Post by a2ndopinion on Mon Jul 01, 2013 2:49 am

If you are talking about the tube that ran around the back of the head to the exhaust manifold, that is not EGR, but part of the A.I.R. pump, which is located under the AC compressor. The problem with taking it off is that if you want to have AC, the pump is the tensioner for the AC belt. Your option there is a later (3rd gen) Celica 22RE AC unit, which had it's own tensioner pulley, but this requires swapping the compressor and some fittings too. I'm doing it on my '81.
That stupid box with the spaghetti pouring out of it can be eliminated too. The only vacuum you need is the front canister on the dizzy, from ported vacuum off of the carb, the brake booster, and PCV. Make sure that you plug the vent and return line for the fuel tank too - the two "extra" smaller lines there by the starter. This will make your fuel tank pressurized though, so heed the cap's warning - contents may be under pressure! Here in Oregon, where we don't have self serve, I usually get out and remove the cap, but sometimes I let the attendant do it, and laugh when it scares the f*#% out of them!
I hope you are planning on running a cat anyway, as a good Magnaflow or like doesn't hurt performance, and does BUNCHES for keeping our air cleaner.
As for the PS, what I did before scoring a 2nd gen Celica manual box was looped the lines at the box, and eliminated the rest of it. Like you, I'm with the K.I.S.S. theory - Keep It Simple, Stupid! Nothing left to fail - no pump, no hoses, and no belt.
Did I get it all?
Oh - EGR - that is the passage on the bottom of the head along the exhaust side to the back of the head, through the EGR cooler plate on the back of the head, then out the right rear corner and to the EGR valve, then to a passage on the head side of the carb on the intake, which is the best place to relocate the PCV valve connection.

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Full Emissions Removal Empty Re: Full Emissions Removal

Post by riveted on Mon Jul 01, 2013 2:11 pm

Ported vacuum for the distributer? I have mine run on full manifold vacuum. Maybe thats why i cant get it to idol... I have an 18r but i assume its the same setup?



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Full Emissions Removal Empty Re: Full Emissions Removal

Post by Sponsored content

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