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Front Main Seal/ Oil Pump Gasket Replacement

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Front Main Seal/ Oil Pump Gasket Replacement

Post by sherlockhomeboy on Thu Aug 22, 2013 3:32 pm

Hey spuds,

So I believe I need to replace my front main seal and most likely my oil pump gasket. Due to Oil just pouring out underneath my crankshaft pulley, and pretty much spraying all over my bay. I already got the front main seal/ crankshaft seal, and am about to start taking it all apart to see if this is the issue or not. I have been browsing around the net and read the manual, and I can't really find a good description or write up of how I need to go about replacing this. Has anyone done this? Do I need to pull the motor to get to this? on some of what I read it sounded like I need to remove my timing chain and oil pan, is this true? If anyone could provide some advise and guidance it would be much appreciated, this will be my first time fondling something of this nature. haha

Thanks sports!


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Re: Front Main Seal/ Oil Pump Gasket Replacement

Post by a2ndopinion on Sun Oct 20, 2013 10:43 pm

I can’t believe no one answered this! It’s probably too late, but I’ll explain it for future reference.
Remove the belts, fan shroud and fan. The biggest PITA is removing the 19mm crank bolt. If it doesn’t want to come loose with a breaker bar, wedge the bar against the ground or the frame and hit the starter for just a second. That usually breaks it loose. The pulley can then be wiggled off, sometimes needing to be worked with a pry bar on the back, from side to side.
There are five bolts that hold the oil pump. Make sure you remember what bolt came out of what hole, as they are different, and the wrong one in the wrong hole can lead to catastrophic engine failure. Once the pump is off, you can see that the front seal can be popped out with a screw driver or seal removal tool. Then carefully and gently tap the new seal in, working your way around it slowly so it doesn’t get cocked sideways.
The oil pump uses an O-ring. The best way to get it in and staying in position is to stick it in with Vaseline or white lithium grease. Then carefully slide the pump back on without the O-ring slipping out of the groove, and put the five bolts back in. The long one(s) go all of the way into the cast iron block, the shorter ones only go into the aluminum timing cover, so be very careful tightening them.
Then slip the crank pulley back on, tighten the crank bolt as tight as you can get it, then the fan, belts and fan shroud, and voila! All done!

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