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1976 Toyota Corona wagon, 5 speed from Ohio Yee Haw!

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1976 Toyota Corona wagon, 5 speed from Ohio Yee Haw!

Post by jimmyangst on Tue Sep 22, 2015 7:11 pm

Howdy all! Bought a 1976 Corona Wagon, 5 speed, a few weeks ago, kind of on a lark. It's a total rust bucket( being in Ohio) but it runs like a top. I'm actually considering sinking some money into it to help it survive a few more years.

I grew up with a few beater Toyotas around the homestead, passed my license exam in 1986 with my brother's 1971 Corona sedan, then bought my first car, a $300 1970 Corolla, in 1988. Rebuilt the top end myself, drove it for 5 years. I still miss that wacky little car.

Anyway, I have this wagon now. I will be along now and then to ask silly questions and, hopefully, to provide some progress photos if I determine there's enough actual metal left to stitch it back together and save it.

In a former life, I was a repair/ QC welder for one of Honda's suppliers, and have severalĀ  years'
full time experience with MIG welding. After grinding away the rust and poking thru the soft spots, I'm hopeful I can resurrect the car and then prevent it from rusting into oblivion.

I've never had to do much hammer-and-dolly work, anyone on here have good tips or links for shaping metal? I spent hundreds of hours fixing failed spot welds, never really had to shape anything! Just clamp, spot weld and sometimes stitch weld the existing bits together. I guess that's the curse of learning the craft via an assembly line job...

Thanks all, will post pics soon as I snap em!
Jim B.
Grove City, OH


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